No1 Classic 2x100ml

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No1 Classic 2x100ml

Aquarius Pro Life

Healthy and safe drinking water everywhere with no waiting!

MMS CLASSIC - the classic way to make a chlorine dioxide solution!
MMS CLASSIC consists of a bottle of sodium chlorite NaClO2 and a bottle of HCl Activator. When the mixture of both substances (are activated) in a ratio of 1:1, the biocide Chlorine dioxide brings about a highly effective abatement against bacteria, viruses, fungus, spores, algae, mites, parasites, biofilm and other sickness causing germs such as dangerous legionella.

Areas of application: 
Mobile drinking water purification for e.g. camping, boats, aircraft, travel, hotels, outdoors and hiking. Along with drinking water, you can thoroughly clean surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom such as refrigerators, cutting boards, toothbrushes, drinking containers, air humidifiers, linens and also meat, fruit and vegetables (e.g. against Hepatitis A, MRSA, EHEC bacteria, anthrax and E-coli).  Animal lovers also have a reliable method for disinfecting cages, stalls, drinking water and also feeding places. Also applicable for the preparation of MMS drops.

Effectiveness and approval:
Uptp 99.9999% effectiveness accorindg Robert Koch Institute effect classes A-D. MMS-CLASSIC is approved for drinking water purification and also for general disinfection in private spaces, for areas of veterinary hygiene for food and feed. 

Storage and shelf life: 
Store in an upright position in a cool, dry and secure place, out of the reach of children! If it is not in an activated and uncooled condition, MMS CLASSIC can be stored for at least 2 years and up to 5 years. 

Activation procedure:

Mix the same amount of drops in a 1:1 ratio of NaClO2 and HCl activator in a dry and clean glass and wait 45 seconds. Then add 150 ml of water and it is ready! After activation, the solution is immediately ready for application and should be used during this time. Never use a component alone!

Protecting the environment:
The raw materials for our environmentally-friendly packaging and the informational sheet are printed on material from sustainably managed forests that have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and is climate-neutral. Please recycle old paper. Our bottles, the childproof fasteners and the labels are a defined variety of PE material and should be recycled. Take responsibility for your environment!

Contains: 2 x 100 ml Set
100 ml  25 % Sodium chlorite solution (CAS Nr. 7758-19-2)
100 ml  4 % HCl activator (hydrochloric acid CAS Nr. 7647-01-0, EG-Nr: 231-597-7))
The activated solution contains e.g. chlorine dioxide (CAS Nr: 10049-04-4, EC-No.: 233-162-8) per DIN EN 938, in accordance with TrinkwV (German Drinking Water Regulations) 2011 (Germany). Taric: 28289000 + 28111980

Use the Biocide product with care. Prior to use, always read the label and product information.

 * EU conformity is confirmed by TÜV-Rheinland